larp phd project

larp phd project
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Today there was the first PhD seminar in the Department of Information Studies to discuss the thesis project of J. Tuomas Harviainen. With Markus Montola’s work already on the way to the Media Culture, there is interesting research into role-playing in the works. It is just a shame we do not have Game Studies or even Hypermedia (New Media Studies) established subjects that one could do a BA/MA or PhD in our university. In practice it means that I am volunteering or working as a “hired consultant” then to these other departments when supervising game related theses like these. Working title of J. Tuomas’s work: Information Seeking Patterns in Pseudo-autonomous Temporary Realities.

google calendar, part 2

Studying the Google Calendar again, I did found a way to import Outlook meeting data into it, from a tip from a Google Calendar Help forum. It seems you need to change your Windows XP system language into US English before doing the Outlook data export, to get date format right for Google Calendar. Well, there still seems to be various kinds of bugs in it, but the idea of having an easy way to share calendars is of course nice. Now, if this would only really work… :-(

google calendar import troubles

We have been looking for a group calendar that would be flexible enough and easily compatible with most PC and mobile calendar standards. Looking at the Google Calendar beta, this seems to be not so far now. But, when I have now been trying to test it, the import function from Outlook seems not to be working. There are some others who face the same “Failed to upload ical/csv file” error when importing from iCal, too. Wonder if there is some obvious solution for this?

Edit: there appears to be so many bugs in Google Calendar at the moment, that some people would prefer to call it Alpha rather than Beta. See: