meeting with a baby snow leopard

Baby Snow Leopard, 2

This Saturday we did an improvised trip to the Ähtäri zoo. Generally zoos can be rather depressive places with all those animals kept in captivity, but at least in Ähtäri there is a rather vast forest area to explore (for all those tourists, at least). You can even spend a night with animals, since apparently if you go in and get your ticket before 4 pm, you can stay there as long you want to, eat your provisions, and wait and see how the daylight-shy animals gradually wake up and come out. It was a fascinating spectacle to follow. This shot is a close-up of a baby snow leopard we met (the parents Väinö and Shakira got a litter of two this spring) — a rather playful little fellow, and unquestionably one of the cutest things on earth.


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9 responses to “meeting with a baby snow leopard

  1. rhianne richards

    these pictures are sow lovely and i wont one as a cup free plz

  2. pam

    hes sooo cute

  3. Hannah Pulliam

    I think he’s the cutest, it must have been fasinating to see one so close. you must had got really exited about seeing the cubs.

  4. simone

    he is so darn cute! I want to squeeeeeeeeeeeze him and lick him! he is too cute to resist! i want to put him in my pocket and take him around, especially to school! i think he’d like my kitty!

  5. chloe


  6. Nici

    i love all this stuff!

    snow leopards rock!

  7. Kayz

    Aww he is the cutest thing in the world I wont him as a pet
    Can I please.
    Snow leopards are the coolest things in the world leopards

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