soft that works (mostly)

The Pinnacle Studio 9 that I chose as the editing tool finally actually worked better than I had thought. The only immediate shortcoming was the lack of dolby digital sound encoding (it pays c. ten dollars extra). I spent some frustrating moments with the dvds I had burned before I realised that the software only outputs dvd audio sound. But having a digital video editing tool that you can essentially learn to use in c. half-an-hour is certainly good achievement. It even promises to support streaming video formats, lets see… Seasons’ Greetings to everyone! I will be going some way towards south, but tonight we enjoy white Christmas here in Tampere.

give an idiot a camcorder

This weekend I’m finally going to learn some DV video editing. I suppose some skills are just required media literacy, this day, and/or future. Don’t know, really. Desire to know is a curious thing. We have discussed a lot “personality types” and “motivations” lately, and I just realised that I’m that sort of person who wants to see the bitrate while seeing a movie, or what was the aperture while looking at photos…

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Leaving Helsinki station. New to mobile blogging, I make now notes in train, too. This is actually my second try, Picoblogger crashed earlier somewhere near Hämeenlinna. As the phone keyboard makes going slow, this teaches you to save often. *sigh* Life as a train of meeting rooms…

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