Speaking in Oulu, 26.4.2012

I will be giving a talk in the “Työkaluja nuorten hyvinvointiin” seminar (Tools for the well-being of the Young People) in Oulu, 26.4.2012. My (Finnish language) talk is focused on the many roles of games and social media in the lives of today’s young people, and titled “Pelit, sosiaalinen media, internet – nuorten hyvinvointia edistämässä vai heikentämässä?” Link to the web page: http://www.tuunaamopo.fi/sivu/fi/koulutus4/

Examination committees, Spring 2012

I am honoured to be invited to act as an examiner/member of the examination committee in several interesting thesis works this Spring. My upcoming events include these:

  • Karl Bergström (PhD), University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 23rd May 2012
  • Ulf Hagen (Lic.), Stockholm University, Sweden, 1st June 2012
  • Johanna Lilja (PhD), University of Tampere, Finland, 15th June 2012
  • Douglas Rushkoff (PhD), Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 25th June 2012

There is much to read, but I always find this kind of examinations also learning processes for myself, so I’m looking forward to them all.

Keynote in ITK conference

I will be presenting the closing keynote in ITK conference in Hämeenlinna, tomorrow, 20th April 2012. The (Finnish language) talk is titled “Myrskyn silmässä: pelillisen viestinnän riemu ja riesa” (In the Eye of the Storm: The Pleasure and Pain of Playful Communication). Link: http://www.itk.fi/2012/ohjelma/puhuja/323

Role-Playing in Games seminar

The second of our major game studies events this Spring term takes place after the Easter: Role-Playing in Games seminar. The program is online and features 17 working paper presentations on topics ranging from theories, experiences and interpretations of role-playing to its applications in education:


Our invited commentators this year are Torill Mortensen and J. Tuomas Harviainen.

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