hdtv adventure game

Now this is actually rather fun: as a an indication of games becoming the vernacular of Media Era, read/play this Dethroner spoof on adventure gaming books (remember them?) and ongoing HDTV discussions.


(Gizmodo, thanks for the link)

presenting on social gaming

Today was another busy day; meetings and then a quick trip into Helsinki, where I presented with Sonja Kangas on the social dimensions of digital gaming. The event was organised by the Finnish importer of PlayStation, and thus the PS2 party games (SingStar, Buzz etc.) were on the main focus in that sponsor part of the presentations. SingStar is actually rather fun: we tried that out some time ago with the Finnish “Legendat” version. I proved to be even worse singer than I had suspected. In Finland the pre-Christmas party tradition is quite active and this kind of performance oriented games are at their best in such (suitably relaxed) party setting. Pikkujoulut, here we come…

social media and context in mobile

This is one of those areas where much interesting is going on: using mobile devices to keep track and share your life with your friends, coworkers and family. Several interesting applications and services are in the works, most of them still in beta, though. I have been particularly looking at these: Merkitys-Meaning, Context Watcher, Jaiku. As more people subscribe into these, the context information becomes more useful and interesting. I tried to install Merkitys-Meaning because of its integration into Flickr, but currently it cannot be signed into my E70 mobile (Symbian 60 3rd edition not yet supported, should be in January). Meanwhile, I continue testing Flickr integration into WordPress (attempted also the del.icio.us integrator plugin, but that did not work).

back online

There were some serious problems with the network settings of unet.fi server — hopefully this temporary connection will work for now. I have ordered a new, business ADSL connection from a small local ISP (WLANnet), hopefully I can actually get from some service from them (knocking wood). But since they need to order the copper connection from Elisa, it can take three weeks before this transition happens.

IST 2006

IST 2006
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This day and tomorrow will be spent in IST 2006 conference, which is the annual get-together of eurocrats and us “information society technologies” people. Full with ambient intelligence, social media, tangible bits and all sorts of other marvels, IST is a curious hotbed of activities, few actually ready for the streets, most staying eternally in prototype, or beta.

window into winter, blogging around the world

window into winter
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I was invited to participate in this global blog where people around the world write about their daily life:


In classic Finnish spirit, I used the opportunity to nag about the weather (only the British compete with Finns in their passion to discuss weather, as far as I know). And with this apparent climate change, there are obvious reasons to pay attention to what is going on in this blue-and-green planet of ours.