WP-Cache with Google Analytics?

This morning I updated the WordPress installation running this site into version 2.3.2. At the same time I also installed WP-cache plugin, which speeds up WordPress by using static, cached pages instead of making a PHP database query every time a single page is needed. What left me wondering though, is that will Google Analytics report correct numbers after this trick? I suppose it should work, since the actual usage database is being collected into Google servers, and they only need to get info about the page load (dynamic or static, no difference) every time the site is being accessed. But I am not sure about that, though.

Here is a Google Analytics screen shot of the Map Overlay for users accessing this site (I typically get c. 100-200 visitors per day; top countries, United States 1,867 for the last month; United Kingdom 630; Finland 474 [click for the full-sized map]):

Google Analytics Map, Dec 30th, 2007

Edit: It looks that there is a bug, and you need to manually comment out line 48 (add ‘#’ in line beginning) in file /wp-includes/cache.php; see: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4045#comment:4

Bluetooth stereo headsets?

One thing that I have been missing in my travels and also while working is a wireless pair of headphones which would also work as hands-free system for taking those incoming calls. Ability to pair with both MP3 player (or: adapter) and a Nokia phone is thus a must. So far, it seems these are still first generation products and user experiences vary a lot. Some examples Continue reading “Bluetooth stereo headsets?”

Raw Shark Texts

It has long been my tradition to indulge in my old love during holidays — meaning reading fantasy and science fiction. This time Santa brought me a surprise hit: The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. Part Memento style whodunnit, part love story, part fun exploration into what constitutes “information” and “life” — a bit like some classic cyberpunk texts but with a fresh twist. Excellent!

The Raw Shark Texts

Games spearhead the Alliance University

The exists an initiative to form a leading research and educational university into Finland through close collaboration of three autonomous universities: University of Tampere, Tampere Technical University and the University of Jyväskylä (“Sisä-Suomen yliopistoallianssi”). Yesterday the collaborative initiatives awarded the status and resources to spearhead this new Alliance were revealed and I was happy to see our initiative to form a joint Centre of Games Research by joining the forces of games researchers from the Alliance was selected as one of these spearhead initiatives. Hooray!

Indexing the textbook

Originally uploaded by FransBadger

Today is (hopefully) the final day of the indexing marathon for my forthcoming game studies textbook — I have used the 37″ Samsung Full HD television for this phase, as it is the only screen with enough surface to display the entire PDF proof page in legible format while I do searches and synthesize names, concepts and discussions into index entries. Damned hard work, but this should be the final battle in this particular project.

Unet.fi back online

Unet.fi, which is a file and web server in my home network, was transferred into new Internet service provider’s network yesterday. We are now using NebulaZone Advanced connection, which means that the theoretical maximum download is 8-24 megabytes/s, upload 3 megs per sec. This is still copper cable technology, using ADSL 2+ with Annex M extension (what a mouthful). I still need to test whether we actually get what we are paying for, but at least the line is working, and also the customer service. Having spent time among various operators whose reliability and particularly customer service is slapdash, this was particularly the criteria for turning to Nebula. I have used their services in various web hotel and domain arrangements for years, and they have consistently provided great service in the past, and I just hope this to continue.

The transition was not without its hurdles: my old Zyxel modem would not update its firmware into Annex M capable version, and I ran to buy a new one, TeleWell TW-EA501 v3. In the next phase TeleWell would appear to make connection, but then nothing would actually work over the new, bridged ADSL configuration. After three phone calls into Nebula service line (I had to run to work in between), the connection now appears to work, more or less. I think I have even configured all services in Unet.fi server to run again, somewhat surprisingly. With currently five computers (with various Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X and Linux configurations), two routers, two Wi-Fi routers, three online connected game consoles and some Internet phones etc. on top of that, our home network is a typical, challenging mixed home environment. I think I had to change parameters in perhaps 100-200 different places yesterday, and still consider this an easy transition. But you do not want to change ISPs every day.

Portti Award 2007

Almost forgot to write about this: I have again been part of the award jury for Portti Science Fiction prize, which has been more than two decades a landmark in the Finnish SF landscape. This Tuesday we awarded this year’s main prize to Susi Vaasjoki, second prize to Mari Saario and third prize to two writers, Heikki Nevala and Tiina Raevaara. Congratulations! The quality of SF short stories was very high this year.

Unet.fi goes offline?

Lets see what happens: our ISP contract with WlanNet is ending tomorrow, and the new one into Nebula should be starting day after that one. According to my experience, these things almost never go over smoothly, so lets be ready to live without Internet, and to accept that this domain and server will also probably be offline for some time starting tomorrow.

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