bird-cherry in flower (tuomi kukkii)

“Tuomi kukkii”, bird-cherry is in flower. Somehow the English expression does not carry the same feeling. “Tuomi” is the name of this sweet-smelling white-flowered-tree for me; and it is also one of the fragrants that carry the unmistaken message: summer is here. “Suomen suvi.”

lordi – victorious finnish monstrosity

Last night, an increasingly amazed and exited audience followed how a Finnish monster rock band “Lordi” won the Eurovision song contest. This is good news for Finnish fantasy art (in which heavy rock is actually a major element), the band (which can continue rocking with increased popularity) and to the song contest itself — it is high time for someone to break the tired format. And that Lordi had such a clear victory was just amazing, too: their final points were highest ever recorded in the contest. Being myself from the same town (Rovaniemi, in Lapland) like Mr. Lordi, I just toast happily: congratulations guys, and good luck!

LORDI – The Official Site
Eurovision contest site

capturing the moment

capturing the moment
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There are many interesting options that things like cameraphones and mobile blogging have opened for us: the instant thought or sight, documented right at the spot. But an early summer’s day like this one (very welcome after the cold spring) would require much more to be mediated with any kind of fidelity: how can I capture the sounds of birds, the warm touch of wind, or smells of fresh leaves and earth itself? Will there ever be a true mobile blogging device that would reach into any of these?

feeling summer in tallinn

feeling summer in tallinn
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This weekend there is a trip to Estonia: Mauri Kaipainen and the IMKE program kindly put out an invitation to come and hear about this new international, interactive media master’s programme. Summer seems to be already reality in Estonia; we are staying in Sausti Manor, and frogs are making conserts in the pond (herons are nesting also next to the manor). Beautiful, interesting and relaxing at the same time.

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