Mycetozoa, a slime mold?

This is something that I spotted on the university lawn this morning, on the way to work. My guess is that this brain-looking beast is something from the family of Mycetozoa, also known as slime molds. Did you know that they are actually closer to amoebas than to mushrooms? Weird and wonderful nature!

Lecturing in Oulu

There will be some game studies program in ‘Taiteiden yö’ event in Oulu this year. My own talk in Thursday Aug 26th will deal with games, ethics and effects (dealing with both the claimed positive as well as negative effects of games). The program is here:

Welcome to the family

My sister’s little one…

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Welcoming a new addition to our extended family, I believe this type of dog is called ‘smooth fox terrier’. Very active – until suddenly sleep overcomes the baby (he is only 7 weeks today). Congrats to Sanna!

Continuum double call: new series in Game Studies

This might have been missed by some, so here is the call (I sit in the review board):

Double CFP: Continuum Approaches to Digital Game Studies Book Series (Edited Collection on Digital Role-playing Games and Edited Collection on First Person Shooters)

These two collections will be the first two titles in a larger series of edited volumes, Approaches to Digital Game Studies, published by Continuum. Continue reading “Continuum double call: new series in Game Studies”

Human IT 10.3.

Since I am at the editorial board, spreading here information about the latest issue of the open ‘Human IT’ journal:

A fresh issue (10.3) of Human IT is now available at, marking the finalization of the tenth volume of Human IT. More on this occasion in the editorial at

Although a non-thematic issue, 10.3 does pick up the thread on communicative media that was spun in 10.2, and features two peer reviewed articles on academic blogs and instant messaging. Three articles in Swedish discuss web portals for regional culture, integrity issues, and the history and philosophy of copyright. Continue reading “Human IT 10.3.”