arrivals (big brother meets psp)

The Big Brother, the pinnacle of peeping television, has finally arrived to Finland. Even if you try to escape from the channel, there are still the street-side adverts, and they are even selling candy with the BB brand in every store. The Internet is of course filled with sleazy web camera content, but when a major broadcaster goes to all the effort needed for a Big Brother style operation, is just makes you feel dirty. Industrialized prostitution barely disguised, anyone?

In contrast, YLE, the national broadcast network is on strike today. What they have — five channels, and nothing on? The issue being of course that they are laying off jobs at the same time it seems reasonable to invest into new concert hall and digital networks. Go figure.

We have now both of the new hand consoles, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP in our lab. PSP is one flashy gadget, I must admit. I was particularly charmed by the networking capabilities; it even logged into my Wi-Fi network, and scaled web pages more or less effortlessly into its browser window. More complex scripts do not seem to work, though. And, did I mention: it plays some games, too. (Still waiting most for that Nintendogs for our DS, though. Those cute, cute puppies.)

Here is the PSP website, if you are interested.

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the University of Tampere, Finland.

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