a perfect moblogging device?

When your work is mostly oriented towards the theoretical and general, having something concrete and tangible at hand is somehow relaxing. (Just trying to rationalize being a gadget freak here, of course.) Anyways, I have been trying to think about a perfect moblogging device lately. Currently, my T43 handles nicely the more robust work tasks, but I also carry a Nokia 9210 Communicator because of its solid synchronization with the Outlook calendar, and keyboard, which is essential for note taking and text messaging. And would also be for email and blog writing, except that the mobile data connection (HSCSD) is so slow that I never use it to access anything online. And to fill the holes, I carry another Nokia product (ain’t it great living here in the nokialand), a Nokia 6600 camera phone, which is where PicoBlogger and Agile Messanger software are installed. But oh damn, it is missing the full keyboard. And there is not so much to brag about in the camera, either. So, how to fit these together: fast connectivity, good keyboard, hi-quality camera? I have been thinking about a Treo, or some of the new Windows Mobile/Phone Edition handhelds, but with our Finnish language requiring all these weird characters in our keyboards, it very well might be that I need to stick to the Nokia branded ones, since they at least keep on offering multi-language support and localized keyboards. There is some talk that the forthcoming Nokia 770 “Internet Tablet” would be the “perfect device” — for some uses at least. (I cannot rely on Wi-Fi connectivity only, and this will also miss the camera and keyboard.) They also recently announced a Blackberry style E61, but I am suspicious about the keyboard. And it does not have camera, either. E70 on the other hand might make it: it features fast GPRS/EGPRS/WCDMA connections, plus Wi-Fi, plus a 2 megapixel camera. And it has a full keyboard (well, sort of). And it is small, which is a big plus, as the model I have been forced into considering before, Communicator 9500, is just as bulky as the 9210 I am currently hauling around. Oh dear…

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland.

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