larp phd project

larp phd project
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Today there was the first PhD seminar in the Department of Information Studies to discuss the thesis project of J. Tuomas Harviainen. With Markus Montola’s work already on the way to the Media Culture, there is interesting research into role-playing in the works. It is just a shame we do not have Game Studies or even Hypermedia (New Media Studies) established subjects that one could do a BA/MA or PhD in our university. In practice it means that I am volunteering or working as a “hired consultant” then to these other departments when supervising game related theses like these. Working title of J. Tuomas’s work: Information Seeking Patterns in Pseudo-autonomous Temporary Realities.

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  1. Amazing all the work that you are doing there!. And well, Rome wasn’t built in one day, meaning some Game Studies or that Hypermedia studies that you are requesting, will develop (hope so!). You are making a process on it too. I bet it is not an easy thing to do but worth it, and in a way it is part of the fun while creating new things have this kind of challenges. Patience, constant work, correct focus and things will come. (repeating these things to myself as well!). In addition you have a really good team there, with the few things I had seen.

    – carolina

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