capturing the moment

capturing the moment
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There are many interesting options that things like cameraphones and mobile blogging have opened for us: the instant thought or sight, documented right at the spot. But an early summer’s day like this one (very welcome after the cold spring) would require much more to be mediated with any kind of fidelity: how can I capture the sounds of birds, the warm touch of wind, or smells of fresh leaves and earth itself? Will there ever be a true mobile blogging device that would reach into any of these?

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland. Occasional photographer and gardener.

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  1. I already commented in the ‘wrong place'(, but managed to find also the real blog itself…

    Yes, the idea about being able to record and reproduce ‘everything as it was(?)’ is fascinating. To begin with I’d be happy to test a system that would record my eye movements while driving the car and show later as a video or analyzed statistics what I had seen on the way (no need for smells or tactile sensations there). These kind of systems have at least been developed for fighter pilots and other important human professions.

    The ‘nice gadget’ would be a wetware-hardware interface that would record our sensory input as it comes in. And if it wouldn’t be too difficult, it would be interesting to rewind and see what was I looking at ten minutes ago…

    At least if someone could decode the neural coding system it should be in principle also possible to feed in raw sensory data and we could forget the scratch-and-smell-odorama-movies and get the real thing.

    Some 20 years ago I wrote a scifi short story where the above application was used to poke in the memories as in a form of datapsychotherapy, you know the idea…

  2. Thanks for comments — here also. I agree that even if the obsessive recording can also be seen as symptomatic for our times (it is typical sign for need for “total control” and incapability to accept the flow of time), it is definitely interesting from research perspectives to see how various “memory devices” alter our perception of reality and our own behaviour. Relation of perception, memory and thought is important area for cognitive science, for example, but now it is also becoming more of a reality for all of us.

  3. Hi Frans!

    When I was reading an article, some time ago, in Wire News online it recalled me your post. Now sorting things out, I found the article again into my notes, deciding myself to finally drop you a note about it.

    Maybe you know already about this information, for example in Japan de NTT Communication Corp start to install some fragrance-releasing into movie theaters with the goal to enhance the on-screen plot elements. Then even that this info it is not closer to your original wishes, well people start to experiment on that direction.
    (post) .Which I have no idea if it is what Antti Kivivalli was refereing to the “scratch and smell odorama movies”.

    In your next trip to Japan, if this idea still running, maybe you can give it a try!

    Also there is a search engine project founded by the EU, Quaero which will look in different “media” types as audio, images, video, etc. The little by little we are “experimenting” more…

    However, as a “conservative” and passional of the technology development, I will relay to an american saying: ” be careful what your wish”, everything can be possible in a way…. yeap, there is and it will be always a lot to research, to think about, to do…. but what do we really want?, and overall for what do we want to use it is another issue!

    Enjoy your today!


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