Mikko Lehtonen's half-centennial seminar

Mikko Lehtonen’s half-centennial seminar
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Professor Mikko Lehtonen, one of the leading figures in Finnish cultural studies turned recently fifty (congratulations!) and the network of colleagues and students had edited a book (Tutkimusten maailma – “The World of Studies”) and organised yesterday a seminar to congratulate him, and to stop for a moment to celebrate the growth of this interdisciplinary field. In the attached shot professors Hanna Suutela, Anu Koivunen and Seppo Knuuttila ponder; other speakers included Kaarina Hazard, Sanna Kivimäki and Teemu Taira. And of course Mikko himself, who decided to confuse everyone in the end by reading a work-in-progress paper that discussed the need for non-substantive, more process-oriented cultural studies (if I understood him at all correctly).

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