New experiences in Helsinki

New experiences in Helsinki
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I will be visiting two very different kinds of events in Helsinki today. The first is the FinNet seminar, which is focused on educational games in the context of Finnish language learning. I gave a short talk that tried to discuss the educational and cultural framework for games in rather general terms, and the rest of the seminar has more detailed experiences coming from participants of Minerva project who have been doing SanatOn the language game. Really interesting and much new stuff for me. Later in the evening I’ll participate in Pelit Magazine’s “KyöPelit Gaala”, the semi-official “game oscars” of Finland — first time of this experience for me, too. The day is otherwise exiting but since me and Laura were moving my stuff to wee hours last night, I have to battle keeping awake, which is a shame. (The shot shows how advanced city Helsinki is: they have a skating rink next to the railway station, in the city centre!)

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  1. Ah, I was late for verifying my participation in Gaala, and so tired after this week that I eventually got to train, home, and thus missed the Gaala – such a shame.

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