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This should have gone out some time ago already, but there have been some delays. But: the Mobile Content Communities (MC2) project has finally got its final report book published. This is probably not yet announced anywhere officially, but I got my copies directly from Marko Turpeinen in the FENIX results seminar, so I know these books exists. Thus, I heartily recommend getting your hands on Mobile Content Communities (Eds. Marko Turpeinen and Kai Kuikkaniemi), HIIT Publications 2007-1 (ISBN 978-951-22-8757-4). It contains some key article publications from our games research lab as well, including:

  • Tero Laukkanen, “Creative Gamers: Examining the Modding Culture and Its Mobile Prospects” (pp. 137-153)
  • Laura Ermi, “Gameplay Experiences and Mobile Contexts” (pp. 156-166)
  • Britta Neitzel: “Fluid Places: On Real, Virtual and Fictive Spaces and Places in Digital Games” (pp. 167-174).

And there are many more interesting articles in there as well that deal with community-centric design issues, user-created augmented reality games, mobile communications and such case studies as Habbo Hotel users, Neverwinter Nights, live action role-playing (larp) and geocaching. This publication is a summary of several years worth of work, build by an international team of 21 people working together — hope it gets its readers even if it is part of an academic publication series rather than product of some major commercial publisher.

Update: this is now available also as a PDF for download:

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