Conference travel plans for 2007

Summer is already here, but before galloping off to the freedom, there is still much to do. And my schedule for next autumn is already full. Here is a quick rundown of upcoming seminar and conference engagements:

  • June 12: speaking in Interactive Gaming Seminar in Helsinki on research into players in games and gambling studies
  • July 12: commenting on research papers and plans in the annual science fiction studies scholar’s meeting, arranged in conjunction with Finncon 2007 in Jyväskylä
  • August 27-28: participating in the OECD Expert Meeting on Videogames and Education in Santiago de Chile, speaking about player studies (Edit: it looks like I cannot make this — pity, it would probably been really interesting trip)
  • September 11: lecturing in the Hypermedia Laboratory 15 Years Anniversary seminar in Tampere
  • September 24-28: DiGRA 2007 conference in Tokyo (hope I can get there!)
  • October 3: the MindTrek conference in Tampere
  • October 4-6: speaking in the PTS seminar about control and addiction issues in “Virtual Games and Gambling”, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • October 12: lecture “Heritage in virtual disguise – reaching the young” in the Nordic Museums’ Accessibility Conference, Helsinki
  • November 8-9: presenting a keynote and leading a workgroup in seminar “Changing Views on Technology, Media and Cultural Approaches” in Joensuu
  • November 15-17: presenting a keynote in the Future Play conference, Toronto, Canada

These are subject to change, of course, but not much, or so I hope at this point. Working in this field certainly keeps you busy, but it is also exiting to be constantly faced with new and surprising challenges, create new connections and innovations, so you end up being tired in the evening, but also feeling to have achieved something meaningful. Only in a truly rewarding field it would make sense to keep on traveling around and working in this way.

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland. Occasional photographer and gardener.

4 thoughts on “Conference travel plans for 2007”

  1. Sounds pretty cool! But isn’t it another form of freedom when you’re doing something you like at work?

  2. Thanks Jose — the family timetables did not fit together with the Chile meeting; real pity, that would have been an interesting event!

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