Blade Runner Ultimate

Yes, I am that much of a fanboy, I definitely could go for this — any more details available anywhere? This Binary Bonsai/EzyDVD leak still the only detailed data?

Blade Runner Ultimate Collection

Disc 1 – The Final Cut (2007):

  • Ridley Scott’s definitive new version of his science-fiction masterpiece includes added & extended scenes, added lines and new and cleaner special effects.

Disc 2 – 3 Complete Film Versions:

  • ‘82 U.S. Theatrical version

  • ‘82 International Theatrical version

  • ‘92 Director’s Cut

Disc 3 – “Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner” Documentary

  • Newly created documentary: Through interviews with the cast and crew, critics and colleagues, this feature-length documentary provides a mainstream-friendly yet meaningful in-depth look at Blade Runner’s literary genesis, its challenging production and controversial legacy. When all is said and done, this will be the definitive documentary on the film.

Disc 4 – Enhanced Content Bonus: (TBC)

  • INCEPTION – Featurettes and galleries devoted to Philip K. Dick, the birth of Cyberpunk and adapting the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

  • PRE-PRODUCTION – Featurettes and galleries devoted to script development, conceptual design and abandoned sequences.

  • PRODUCTION – Featurettes and galleries devoted to principal photography and locations.

  • POST-PRODUCTION – Featurettes and galleries devoted to deleted scenes, music and visual effects.

  • RELEASE – Featurettes and galleries devoted to marketing and reaction including Trailers, TV Spots and Promotional Featurettes

  • LEGACY – Featurettes and galleries devoted to the film’s resurrection and impact.

Disc 5 – Work Print Version & Enhanced Content:

  • Including the rarely seen Work Print version and potentially the 52 min. Channel Four (UK) documentary which was the first serious documentary created for the film.

Additionally, the set will come packaged in a limited “Blade Runner” briefcase holding the five-disc digipack with foil-enhanced and embossed slipcase. The goodies inside will include a lenticular motion image from the original feature, a collectible model spinner, an origami unicorn, a collection of photographs and a letter from Ridley Scott. Holy shit.

The street date is going to be in September. Unfortunately, the retailer is not taking international orders for this thing. However, don’t be too surprised if Region 1 gets the same thing. We’ll keep you posted.

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5 thoughts on “Blade Runner Ultimate”

  1. Eki, thanks – a great info page! HD is something to consider really. I am getting also a new flatscreen tv soon for our living room and it looks like Full HD resolution is a must, to be future-proof.

  2. Full HD, sweet. As I don’t have a good place for a projector, I bought a 42” Panasonic plasma TH-42PHD8 about a year ago and really like the image quality with SD video. However, it only has the 1024 x 768 resolution, so I’d only get a fragment of the real HD bliss. Well, when the second display (a crappy old CRT TV) upstairs finally gets broken, I guess a 55” LCD 1920 x 1080 will be reasonably cheap and better than the models today regarding video processing and black levels. Until that, XGA resolution it is.

  3. Yeah. I have been thinking of a Samsung LCD (in the M8 series) — mostly for the various digital/computer stuff that we will plug into it. But 37″ is about the right size for our living room; a bigger screen would be overkill, I’d think. (And we have the projector room downstairs, after all.)

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