Ubuntu troubles

I have now spent more than a week trying to sort out the various troubles I have been having with my Ubuntu linux server. I have upgraded to the most latest versions, then given up and downgraded. I even bought a new hard disk and did a totally clean, new install of the 6.06 LTS server release to get the most absolutely stable version of Ubuntu possible. Yet, I still continue to have issues with the Postfix mail server and now Samba/CUPS printer sharing is working no longer either. I just have to give up, far too much time and energy has been spent to this.

I have consulted and used most of the available how-to guides and installation manuals, including:

I suppose that in most cases most contemporary operating systems work, most of time. But I think these things are still far too fragile to really serve people reliably — each server needs couple of admins to hold its hand, rather than the other way around, having the reliability needed to serve its users.

Author: frans

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  1. Ok, today this server seems to finally be back in business and Postfix serves the system and subscription messages correctly to the Internet. There was finally no shortcut: I just needed to read the official Postfix documentation (http://www.postfix.org/documentation.html), experiment and also consult my ISP technical help until the system was back online again.

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