DiGRA 2007 underway

DiGRA 2007 underway
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In her opening speech Tanya Krzywinska, DiGRA President (speaking in Tokyo University Yasuda Auditorium, pictured) described this year’s games research conference as “Godzilla” — which it in a sense is; even the proceedings book is almost 900 pages! The week is well underway, and today, in one of Thursday’s last sessions I have also my own paper presentation. It is still too early to make any thorough analysis of the directions game studies (the discipline) or digital games research as a whole is taking, but the conference appears to run smoothly, everything appears to be well organised, so many thanks for everyone involved. I am really happy DiGRA conferences have now been organised in three continents, and we can in a sense move into a new phase in building the international community. I personally think it could be a good idea to perhaps to scale this thing (conference) down a bit, an entire week is exhausting, we need more and smaller activities, and it is also necessary to set the focus or tracks tighter in advance (providing a sort of semi-flexible grid where to fit best submissions while taking care of not having serious conflicts between paper sessions discussing same issues — not a simple trick, of course). Thus, the field is maturing, changes are taking place, and all of us need to take notice.

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