SSH in Vista

One of the problematic issues is how to allow file access to a Vista system in a secure manner. One nice distribution is copSSH which includes OpenSSH, CygWin and some utilities. Installation is a breeze, you just need to activate the user and realise that the home directory is provided as a symbolic link within the SSH daemon home directory. See: copSSH – OpenSSH for Windows. From within Linux/Ubuntu the best client to file share/transfer into a MS Vista system appears to be Nautilus, the standard file Ubuntu browser (use File > Connect to Server, then bookmark the ‘myhome’ location that copSSH has provided you).

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  1. Dear Sir or madam:

    I had allowed ssh in my server to access from outside, but i can not access it from windows vista so i would like you advice me about how to access from vista operating system.

    thanks &regards,

  2. easiest, for ssh _from_ Vista try “putty”, its free and good!

    for ssh _to_ Vista, use copSSH as above.
    You can also, using copSSH use the client, though it’s easier to use Putty normally.

    Maybe, your problems where you have a different username on the linux server than the windows machine, this can cause lots of problems for new users. Normal OS usernames are all lowercase, but this is not so with proprietary OSs like MS Windows. Putty will ask you for a username once it connects, so if putty works, that MAY have been the problem.
    OR you may need to forward port 22 through your firewall/firewalls.

    IMHO MS Vista is an unuseable system for peoplbusinesses who need to run networks, as it includes no native SSH server or client 😦 insanity in the modern world.

    and, BTW, I hold a MCSE since Server 2000 and several other MS certifications, and have 15 years+ fulltime experience on MS OSs. Microsoft have lost the plot. I sold my stake 2 years ago. Don’t commit. Avoid. ’nuff said.

  3. @ mememe

    who gives a shit how many certs you have and if you hate Microsoft. We didn’t need your 2 cents at the end and it was simply wrong anyways.

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