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I ordered from the US a new invention: a SD memory card which has Wi-Fi integrated within its miniature shape. It arrived yesterday, and I was a bit surprised that the system actually seems to work: the couple of test photos I shot were automatically copied to my laptop and also directly into Flickr over the air. This is very handy and removes the regular hassle with cables and upload programs. The only downside is that the automatic upload does not filter or edit the photos in any way, and that the SD card does not fit into my SLR camera (CF card is needed), so this is not solution for everything, but a nice step in any case! Link: http://www.eye.fi/

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  1. I actually did find out that only one of the online shops listed in the Eye-Fi site delivers to Europe: Adorama. But they only use USP courier service, so there will be more than 40 dollars extra for that, and in addition, there will be Finnish customs (and/or VAT) on top of that, so please take into consideration before placing your order.

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