WP-Cache with Google Analytics?

This morning I updated the WordPress installation running this site into version 2.3.2. At the same time I also installed WP-cache plugin, which speeds up WordPress by using static, cached pages instead of making a PHP database query every time a single page is needed. What left me wondering though, is that will Google Analytics report correct numbers after this trick? I suppose it should work, since the actual usage database is being collected into Google servers, and they only need to get info about the page load (dynamic or static, no difference) every time the site is being accessed. But I am not sure about that, though.

Here is a Google Analytics screen shot of the Map Overlay for users accessing this site (I typically get c. 100-200 visitors per day; top countries, United States 1,867 for the last month; United Kingdom 630; Finland 474 [click for the full-sized map]):

Google Analytics Map, Dec 30th, 2007

Edit: It looks that there is a bug, and you need to manually comment out line 48 (add ‘#’ in line beginning) in file /wp-includes/cache.php; see: http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4045#comment:4

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  1. As I suspected, the Google Analytics stats took a drastic hit after installing WP-Cache plugin. It looks like it now only informs how many individual pages were generated daily, rather than reliably reporting the actual numbers of visitors. I need to get back to this at some point; one option is to take a closer look at a solution like “Local Analytics”: http://www.joycebabu.com/downloads/local-analytics/

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