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Today the Bluetooth adapter I have been waiting for finally arrived in mail. The model (Sony TRM-BT8iP Stereo Transmitter) appears not to be available outside the US yet, so I had to use eBay (which led into extra costs and extra hassle; some US dealers appear to have blacklisted European customers using PayPal with their credit cards). But now that I can finally experiment with the Sony DR-BT50 headphones Bluetooth link with my old iPod, all seems very promising. My old experiences with wireless headphones were from the infrared period, filled with hiss and breaking connections. But these things seem to be from totally different era. The DR-BT50 could have a bit more room for ears, so the size is an obvious compromise in travel headphones. But the isolation is good, the silent parts sound beautifully clean and all tones from low bass to high tones have also that clear and powerful quality you’d expect from hi-fi headphones (true hardcore audiophiles will probably disagree, of course — but these are for MP3 listening, to start with). The actual range of Bluetooth stereo is according to my experiments around 4-5 meters (12-15 feet), and the music will break if you go beneath thick walls or to another floor in the house. But in the pocket, in a bag, or in the table — no problem: complete freedom of movement, liberated from the wires. The downside of this system as compared to traditional wired headphones is that you need to charge them after travel or other use, but then again, you’d probably also charge your iPod in any case. Great! Now, if I’d only have a mobile phone that would connect with DR-BT50; so far no success with my Nokia E70. That phone is still Bluetooth 1.2 technology, and thus might never really work with a wireless stereo hands-free set.

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