Fantasy in Super Mario Galaxy and Terabithia

I usually enjoy fantasy in pretty much any form — I think that the real base and mode of human existence is fantasy, but more about that another time — and this weekend I have been also trying to get my fix in that area. In the ludic frontier, we finally started playing Super Mario Galaxy in co-op mode. This is the latest major release from the Nintendo’s major Mario franchise to their Wii console, and even as a fan of more adult or dark fantasy, I must say I have enjoyed this game. There is particular, surrealist pleasure in flying among stars, conversing with mushroom, and navigating through puzzle-style platform planets where the laws of physics and forms of space are used in endlessly imaginative, original ways. A real treat, great trip!

A Super Mario Galaxy planet (Peliplaneetta screenshot)

In this evening, we will also watch a modern fantasy movie, called Bridge to Terabithia. It is coming from Walden Media/Disney consortium, so I am not sure what to expect, but at least playing a fantasy game and seeing a fantasy movie, one after the other, will again highlight how the different mode of engagement affects the experience of fantasy. Links:

Bridge to Terabithia, movie poster

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  1. Bridge to Terabithia actually managed to surprise: it was not a fantasy movie, it was a movie about fantasy — a rare member of perhaps equally important species. I definitely need to check out the original book some day.

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