Suppose you are carrying around several devices, most of them Wi-Fi enabled, and that you want to use 3G data for that online traffic while on the road? One solution that is out there is Joikuspot, free software that is designed to transform S60 mobile phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. No more plugging in cables from your laptop, and a device like Apple iPhone, Nokia Internet Tablet (N810) or a Wi-Fi enabled camera (remember that Eye-Fi SD card?) can now go online everywhere on 3G coverage area, as long as your S60 battery runs. More:

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland. Occasional photographer and gardener.

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  1. Just a note: I could not get it working with Nokia E70, which is a pity since that is my main worktool at the moment. Lets hope Joikuspot will be updated soon again.

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