Canon 5D mk II, HD video with a SLR

This looks very promising: the next generation system cameras/SLRs are going to provide amazing video recording features, on top of the amazing photo capabilities. At least you are left stunned at the level of detail and low-light dynamics of Canon’s forthcoming 5D MK II that Vincent Laforet used for shooting a short film ‘Reverie’ over a weekend. You can see the behind of the scenes documentary here:

Edit: the original film is again available through here:

You can also download some original raw movie files from here:

Reverie by Vincent Laforet
Reverie by Vincent Laforet

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4 thoughts on “Canon 5D mk II, HD video with a SLR”

  1. I think you find Canon didn’t want anything to do with it (if you read the blog carefully) Canon allowed him to test the camera for 48 hours.

  2. Wow, that’s really cool, i mean Michael Mann cool :). I wonder where did Laforet got his inspiration for this film… Not.

    Still, absolutely stunning visuals, i’m a Mann nuthead!

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