6600 mAh battery for Aspire One

One of the obvious benefits from using these tiny new netbook PCs is taking them to the road. While travelling, there are two key variables that often go against to each other: the battery life and the weight. I have been experimenting with several different batteries in the Acer Aspire One, and at this time I’d recommend going for the most powerful battery available — the weight gain is not (at least for me) significant enough to outweight the increased lifespan. Particularly on travels with long working days, often with rare access to a power plug, a battery that can go on for the entire day is a true gift.

Here are some shots, featuring the original, 2400 mAh battery shipping with the AA1 (at least those Linux/Linpus editions we are using here), then the white 5200 mAh 6-cell battery, and finally the 6600 mAh ‘extended battery’ (the big blue one). The last one is my current choice, even while the quality of production is not the same as in the official Acer batteries (it carries the brand label of ‘Cameron Sino‘, never heard of them before; it is made in China). I got mine through eBay from merchant named ‘GPS For LESS Ltd‘, operating from the UK (nice, quick service).

It will be interesting to see what is the actual use time for these. According to my experience, the original battery can only handle 2-3 hours of regular use, the 5200 mAh version is much better and carries on c. 5-6 hours, depending on how much you will be consuming electricity. The 6600 mAh pack should thus do at least 6-7 hours, maybe even more, but I still need to test it out in the real life, I got it in mail only today.

Acer Aspire One batteries
Acer Aspire One batteries

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  1. It looks now that fully charged, the 6600 battery will report 7-8 hours of use time in AA1. But if the real use involves running videos &c., 6-7 hours is more likely as the real use time. Not bad, but not very drastic change from what I got 5200 battery (c. 5-6 hours of real use). 8 hours would be optimal, since that would cover (with lunches and other use breaks) even a really long working day.

  2. Thanks for all the great info I will be getting the 6600 version, I will let you know my findings.

  3. The fully charged 6600 mAh battery reports 8:30 hours of use time in AA1, Linpus version, according to my experience. The real time varies, based on how it is being used.

  4. Frans, do you know the extra size the battery adds to the Acer one? Will the netbook also be a little higher?

  5. I got my battery for xmas its 7200 mAh 9cell and its now at 48% and its been on for 4hours. 1 hour of games and 3 hours of web browsing

  6. Batteries are slowly getting better. Kees: the 9 cell battery does not add so much to the size of AA1 (yes, it will be a bit higher tilted, too), but you might want to try out its increased weight first, and consider whether you want to pay the extra kilo (?) for the extended use time.

  7. I know this is any old blog entry, but if you still have the AA1 and the 6600 MaH, could you put up a few photos with the battery in the machine?

    I am thinking of getting the battery, but am not sure how practical it is. cannot find any decent photos online of that battery in the laptop.

    also, what’s your experience with its life?

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