Spring lectures and visits

Looking at my calendar, I will again be talking in various contexts:

  • in 13/2 talking about games literacy and education in disciplinary didactics symposium (Ainedidaktiikan symposium) in Tampere;
  • in 6/3 talking about the profile of online gamer in drug medics day (Päihdelääketieteen päivät) in Turku;
  • in 16/3 acting as the examiner of Elina Ollila’s PhD thesis (about mobile game prototyping and evaluation) in Technical University of Tampere;
  • in 27/3 presenting a keynote about “good and bad in games” in the media education seminar, Tampere;
  • in 2-3/4 acting as the chair in the Playful Experiences seminar, Tampere;
  • in 23/4 presenting a lecture on ethics and good life in gaming in ITK conference in Hämeenlinna;
  • in 24/4 talking in a thematic seminar of games and education in ITK conference in Hämeenlinna.

See you in some of those — or elsewhere!

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland.

2 thoughts on “Spring lectures and visits”

  1. It seems that I am not able to be in Tampere on 16th March 😦 — so I have a suggestion (initiative) to you. What about recruiting someone to do vlogging or just doing plain recording of Elina’s PhD defence?

    Would be interesting to hear your chat… liveblogging? Anyone..

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