Spring lectures and visits

Looking at my calendar, I will again be talking in various contexts:

  • in 13/2 talking about games literacy and education in disciplinary didactics symposium (Ainedidaktiikan symposium) in Tampere;
  • in 6/3 talking about the profile of online gamer in drug medics day (Päihdelääketieteen päivät) in Turku;
  • in 16/3 acting as the examiner of Elina Ollila’s PhD thesis (about mobile game prototyping and evaluation) in Technical University of Tampere;
  • in 27/3 presenting a keynote about “good and bad in games” in the media education seminar, Tampere;
  • in 2-3/4 acting as the chair in the Playful Experiences seminar, Tampere;
  • in 23/4 presenting a lecture on ethics and good life in gaming in ITK conference in Hämeenlinna;
  • in 24/4 talking in a thematic seminar of games and education in ITK conference in Hämeenlinna.

See you in some of those — or elsewhere!

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland. Occasional photographer and gardener.

2 thoughts on “Spring lectures and visits”

  1. It seems that I am not able to be in Tampere on 16th March 😦 — so I have a suggestion (initiative) to you. What about recruiting someone to do vlogging or just doing plain recording of Elina’s PhD defence?

    Would be interesting to hear your chat… liveblogging? Anyone..

  2. Good suggestion, Sonja — I will ask around. (Not likely that I will be able to do the blog/video myself, though 😉

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