GD/PHP issue in WordPress/Windows Server 2008

My new installation of WordPress in Windows Server 2008 seems mostly working just fine. The most irritating remaining problem is the media/image upload part where image resizing is not working: you only get the option of full size images, and e.g. thumbnails are just greyed out. The folder read/write properties seem ok, and GD extension in PHP is installed; my info.php says:

GD Support enabled
GD Version bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
FreeType Support enabled
FreeType Linkage with freetype
FreeType Version 2.3.9
GIF Read Support enabled
GIF Create Support enabled
JPEG Support enabled
libJPEG Version 6b
PNG Support enabled
libPNG Version 1.2.37
WBMP Support enabled
XBM Support enabled
Directive Local Value Master Value
gd.jpeg_ignore_warning 0 0

I do not know what is wrong, really. Maybe PHP code in WordPress 2.8 makes reference to gd.dll (I have gd2.dll) — need to check this…

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland. Occasional photographer and gardener.

6 thoughts on “GD/PHP issue in WordPress/Windows Server 2008”

  1. Ok, solved. The issue was not really about GD.dll, nor about some rewrite rule issue that I also suspected. It simply appears that when you download something with PHP, it temporarily saves the file into a temp folder, and then moves the file to the final destination (under /wp-content in WordPress). In this case, my default C:/Windows/Temp folder did not allow write/modify rights to a User account (which WordPress here imitates). When the file was transfered to the Wp-uploads, it inherited the write/modify restrictions, too. You either need to enable write rights to the system Temp folder, or (better), set C:\inetpub\temp in PHP.INI as the temp folder for PHP, and then give the write/modify rights for user account to that folder. This solution was found from here:

  2. Hi Frans

    How did you cope with the url rewriting and get search friendly urls working on the windows server?


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