Testing HD video

Got finally a camera today that can produce HD (720p) video clips. Testing the low-light characteristics of Canon PowerShot SX200 IX in the shot below: night time, HD and imported directly from .MOV into Youtube — the you can see that auto exposure creates lots of grain. Still some nice sky tones. (Click the “go full screen” symbol below, in the low right corner of the player.)

There will be a couple of more experiments posted into my profile later. My first impressions of this small camera are positive. It is surprising to see how versatile system this kind of pocket camera can today be. Digital photography has gone long way, at least as far as technology is concerned.

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland. Occasional photographer and gardener.

2 thoughts on “Testing HD video”

  1. Weird thing happened: suddenly this night, I got “memory card error”. Tried unplugging and replugging the memory card, no help. Then I tried reading the card using a computer. There was a “cannot initialize card” error, and the card appeared unreadable. SX200 is not even able to format the card (the format option is grey in camera’s menu and not accessible). Damn. Looks like my photos and videos of today are lost! 😦 The card was a SDHC 16GB card by Transcend. They advertise “lifetime guarantee”, so I should get it replaced, but I have never seen a memory card fail like this before. Scary — is there something wrong in the camera? Will it randomly break also the future SD cards, destroying also the possibly priceless photos? This shakes a bit my trust in digital cameras…

  2. Had the same “Memory Card Error” today. Had it out and was taking pictures on a mountain top, turned it off and then back on again only to find that the card was locked up in my camera + another Canon camera. My concern is that the camera is somehow failing to close the card after writing to it.

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