Windows 7 Ultimate & WD 1,5 TB disks

Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows 7 Ultimate

The weekend was too busy for this upgrade effort really, but at least I made a decent start:

  • getting rid of the old hard disks in my old workstation (they were getting too small for all this data)
  • making full transition to the official version of Windows 7 (I bought a boxed set of the Ultimate version)
  • migrating all my data to the new, 1,5 TB main disk (Western Digital Caviar Green, I bought two of these)
  • setting up an identical disk to my Windows Server 2008 system (the main machine)
  • setting up some kind of mirroring or synchronization scheme to make data in the workstation and server identical.

The two last steps are the ones I did not have time to do this weekend. Maybe this is a good thing, I need to do further research on the Windows 7 backup and synchronization options. I would really wish for a LAN sync version of Dropbox, but I think that version is not out of beta yet. Any tips for keeping really big data piles backed up & in sync at your home network?

WD Caviar Green, 1,5 TB
WD Caviar Green, 1,5 TB

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