DVD collectors' databases found missing

Star Trek (2009) blu-ray box cover
Star Trek (2009) blu-ray box cover

I have been using some DVD collection software before, but inserting all the movie details manually has proved too much work, and my collection listing is seriously out of date (meaning that with this lousy memory of mine, I am likely to start buying doubles at some point). A practical solution would be to use a bar-code scanner that would produce the product code that then would be used to automatically fetch the right details from a movie database. However, I test drove two programs/services tonight — www.dvdcorral.com and www.collectorz.com/movie/ — and at least in the new Finnish market blu-ray releases that I tried to input, could not be found in the database (Collectorz could find the new Star Trek blu-ray, that was the only match). It looks like the databases these solutions are using are rather heavily relying towards the US market data, or that was the impression I got at least. Oh dear. Need to work on that long-term memory of mine, then.

Author: frans

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