Considering migrating from Flickr to Picasa

Picasa logoThere have been several recent (and not so recent) improvements in Picasa web service that Google owns, making it serious challenger to Flickr, which I have long used. (See a list from here.) There is also a cost issue: the Pro account of Flickr is $25 per year (unlimited uploads, unlimited storage), but you can get 20 GB of disk space from Google/Picasa with $5 per year. Rather than cost, it is really the privacy controls that start to concern me more and more as the kids grow up. Picasa web albums makes it a bit easier to share private photo albums (you just enter email addresses and send the invitation link). This, and other reasons have led me to consider migrating my photo galleries from Flickr to Picasa. As I have several deep integrations set up (particularly all photos in this blog actually reside in Flickr), it is questionable whether this transition really makes sense. On the other hand, I hate being tied to any single service, without ability to change service provider when needed. Flickr has not been particularly dynamic in coming up with new functionalities recently. Yet, integration with my mobile camera phones and mail systems is something that works well with Flickr, and I am not sure how such things would appear under Picasa/Google. But we will see. I am using the holiday period to do some tests, experimenting first with the free Migratr tool to backup and transfer all my Flickr photos into the Picasa account. It appears a bit buggy/easy to crash, but lets hope for the best. It is interesting to see how the transfer works out, and having backups in several places is a good idea in any case.

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland. Occasional photographer and gardener.

3 thoughts on “Considering migrating from Flickr to Picasa”

  1. Migratr did not work out: it lost connection to Flickr several times during the download phase and finally left me only c. 2000 of my 4000+ Flickr photos downloaded. And when I tested Migratr for transferring into Picasa Web Albums, it also keeps stopping and restarting, finally leaving me 2–4 copies of the same photo album! This is no good, I have to find another way.

    There are couple of articles I did found that discuss the Flickr-to-Picasa/Google migration:

  2. It appears to be pretty much impossible (or too much work) to carry out a successful migration from Flickr to Picasa, so I am stuck with Yahoo (until Flickr is sold to someone else, at least). I tried several times to do the transfer using FlickrEdit this time (, but it did not work either. I would get incomplete downloads, and loads of doubles or triples of my photos. Oh damn. Well, it is Christmas today, so I might as well just go and lie on the sofa…

    1. I also have over 8000 pics in Flickr and dread walking the path you are doing right now. Every upload I make i wonder if i will Ever be able to Migrate if needed. your post pretty much tells me i cant just yet.


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