Nokia BTH-905

Nokia BTH-905, originally uploaded by FransBadger.

There are moments when noise cancellation headphones come in handy. I tested my new Nokia BTH-905 today as I mowed our lawn. Klippo is not the most silent of lawnmowers, but having these on my ears made the motor sound become like quiet hum. And I could enjoy my favourite music, so the damned exercise was much more tolerable.

I tested the compatibility with two mobile phones, Nokia N900 and Apple iPhone 3GS. Ironically, N900 did not fare so well. The sound started cutting and breaking up immediately, and closing the bluetooth connection actually froze the headphones so that a reset to the initial configuration was needed before I was able to continue using them. I guess the bluetooth stack in N900 is still “under construction” — there are many other people also warning against this particular phone–headphone combination in the net. Nothing like that with iPhone. After enabling the bluetooth linking, you can use the headphones for making calls and listening to music perfectly normally. The sound is pretty good, even if I think my Sony DR-BT50 actually deliver more clear and articulate soundscape. (Now, if I could only find the lost power adapter for that Sony from somewhere here…) The main attraction for Nokia BTH-905 is nevertheless the decent noise cancellation technology. The sales package of BHT-905 actually claims 99 % reduction of noise, which is probably a bit too much to promise (or something that will only be reached with precisely right kind of noise), but it is nice in any case. I haven’t tried out the popular Bose QuietComfort models, so cannot really make comparisons, though.

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