Magic Trackpad on Vaio

I have chronic wrist pains, like too many other active computer users, and I have been testing various mouse replacements in order to alter the movements that cause repetitive strain. Laptops and touchscreen devices are nice since they allow for more flexibility in manipulation, and also since you need not reach far looking for the mouse. Touch interface gestures are also powerful and after you have got used to them, a regular mouse starts to feel awkward and a bit antiquated.

The Apple hardware is often of high quality, but I do not like the restrictions of the Mac OS. Today I have been experimenting with connecting the Apple Magic Touchpad with my Sony Vaio Z series computer. Extracting and installing the required drivers to Windows is a bit tricky, but not too complicated (see the instructions here), and after that, the bluetooth trackpad appears to be working just fine. The sensitivity and feel of Magic Touchpad is great; however, you do not get the full set of multitouch gestures you could use on Mac OS X. But even with the limited single, and two-finger gestures this is a very nice peripheral, and great for example in home theatre use – I would not want to use a regular mouse while browsing and clicking through content while lying on a couch.

Magic Trackpad with Sony Vaio

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  1. And in case someone wonders why to use trackpad with a notebook computer that already includes one — this is for use while the laptop is put to the dock, and I use full keyboard, mouse and external screen set. My MS Ergonomic Keyboard is so sizable that it makes very difficult to reach to the far right where my mouse is located (I have tried to move mouse to the left side, but the learning curve has proved too steep so far). Using the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard in combination with the Magic Trackpad might provide more opportunities for an ergonomic working position, we’ll see.

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