Sony Vaio Z, 2011 model

Sony Vaio Z 2011
Sony Vaio Z 2011

I have been a Sony Vaio Z user for some time (after a recent SSD and OS upgrade a rather happy user), and it is interesting to follow the news on how this line of laptops is developing. Engadget has recently published a review of Vaio Z 2011, and I am no longer sure whether “Z” is for me any more. Sony has opted to drop the hybrid/discrete graphics card and the optical drive from the laptop, and instead they are now build inside an accessory, “Power Media Dock”. The benefit of this system is that the laptop itself can stay very light (1,2 kg) and thin, but the downside is that you no longer have as versatile laptop. To me, it would make no sense to get Vaio Z of this kind of setup; it is much more cost effective to get a powerful graphics/gaming workstation PC, and an ultraportable laptop as separate computers, rather than as this kind of weird, expensive combo. In some cases you actually need to do that graphics editing or game testing work done with your laptop (particularly if you are a lot on the road). Having a “power dock” lying on your desk at the office does not help in that situation. Shame on you, Sony, shame.

Link to the Engadget review:

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