Rapid Wake in Vaio Z

To say something positive for a change, the single feature that really has impressed me in the new Vaio Z is how fast it wakes up from the sleep mode. Sony advertises this “Rapid Wake + Eco” functionality as an environmental issue (I think it functions like the regular Hibernate function), and the advertised 2 second wake up time really feels to be true. More: http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/csr/SonyEnvironment/products/lineup/VAIO-Z.html

Sony video ad about the Rapid Wake:

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  1. Hi Frans, I have a new Vaio Z and have a problem with my RapidWake + eco sleep mode. It appears that the computer is losing battery at around 1% per hour that it is asleep. Therefore it would only last 3-4 days asleep before losing all power, which I have seen happen. According to their advertising the Z should last 170 days, or at least 30 like the Vaio T does. Have you seen this same problem? The RapidWake part seems to work, as the laptop comes up in 2 seconds as advertised but I’m doubtful about eco. I haven’t found any mention of this on any forums which is why I ask you. Thanks.

  2. Noah, that is interesting. I have not checked this – and since I have also the sheet battery, my system keeps going on rather long, so battery running out has not emerged as a problem for me. But I will see whether the 1 % per hour is true also in my case, thanks for the heads-up.

  3. Noah, I made a quick test this Sunday, and I think you are right: 4 hours in sleep mode meant that 5 % of battery was lost. So, it would lose even more than 1 % of battery per hour in sleep mode. This is curious – and they do indeed advertise that “For the Z series, battery life in sleep mode is up to 170 days” (http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/csr/SonyEnvironment/products/lineup/VAIO-Z.html ). Let’s share info, if we find any solution to make the situation better.

    1. Frans, like you, I have seen even more than 1% drop per hour. Enough that my machine has lost all power between Friday night and Sunday night. Of course those percents are not really that accurate but it is certainly using more battery than advertised. I tried turning off the USB charging. I wasn’t actually charging with it but I thought maybe there was some power loss anyway, but that didn’t make any noticeable difference. I will get in touch with Sony tech support in the US, where I bought the laptop, and let you know what I find out. Noah

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