Windows 8 is for touch (Vivobook X202E)

I just placed an order for Asus Vivobook X202E – a small and affordable, touchscreen-enabled Windows 8 mini-laptop. This will be an upgrade to the Samsung N220 netbook I got in March 2010. Windows 8 does not make much sense without touchscreen, and it’s success will be related to how fast people will move to hybrid, touch-enabled paradigm. Working (at home) with the Vivobook should provide opportunity for some experimentation. Its battery is not good enough for serious on-the-road use, but for home it should be ok, we will see…

X202E is not a high-end device, but if you update the touchpad driver and do a few other tweaks, it should be enough for most things. There are good tips in the reviews:


Author: frans

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3 thoughts on “Windows 8 is for touch (Vivobook X202E)”

  1. Looks like a pretty decent laptop for the price. Did you consider any of the options where the keyboard is removable? One example of such is the HP Envy x2, which to me looks like a much more versatile option, as you can use it also as “traditional” tablet.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I have tried also working with removable keyboards, but since I have also small tablets that I prefer to carry in my pockets (Nexus 7, for example), I prefer to have the keyboard as an essential and permanent part of a light-weight laptop. Lenovo Yoga has a completely rotatable screen, so that you can use it in ‘tablet mode’ and something like that would definitely interest me.

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