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Most of my evenings (and even some nights) have lately been spent in the World of Warcraft, where I exist as a dwarven paladin, named Dur Ût-Thure (for certain eleborately dwarfish reasons). Or, I would be thus named, except that the WoW registration apparently only allows names that have no spaces nor any kind of “special characters” in them. I’d think that in a fantasy universe, also the names could be appropriately fantastic? But I might be wrong. In any case, if you are on the Earthen Ring realm, send a mail or whisper to ‘Durutthure’. Posted by Picasa

Author: frans

Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland.

6 thoughts on “making your name in WoW”

  1. Hm, at least I could create a character named Arnórr. Don’t know about the spaces though, at least it does seem quite silly not to be able to use them in a fantasy world.

    Since you’re on a roleplaying server, I’d be quite interested in hearing how you find the roleplaying aspect of the game. I haven’t been very impressed with the folk on Argent Dawn, nor the way the game has an impossible storyline for multiple players.

    – Ilari Kajaste

  2. You are right; also in Earthen Ring the ‘rpg’ aspect seems to be very weak. At least in the lower levels, when everyone appears just to be concentrated in leveling up, fast. Also, the quest structure is stronger for a single-player experience than multi. But of course organising your group tight is also possible (and in upper levels a necessity, I suppose). It is just that the game mechanics appear not to support this aspect very well at the lower levels.

  3. 1. Lower level RPG is very weak. Non RP-ers leave the servers quickly, so higher up areas work better.

    2. There’s a very interesting UI addon that allows the use of surnames. Google for FlagRSP and download it from Cursedgaming. It sends additional information to other players using it, so you can add titles et cetera.

    – Markus

  4. Great, the surname thing sounds really good! :-)I was also dissapointed, while I didn’t get my Siedga’s name spelled right in the system. But now with surname possibilities…

    Yeah, the RP is sort of… vague at the best, but occasinally there have been few good attempts. (and our team could probably also get more active as well in the matter..;-)

    Last night they was a flame war in the Elwyn Forrest’s main channel wheather people should be playing english only, so the classical RP problems still tend to pop up and remain un-solved. in WoW as well.

    Yesterday the non-RP -problem was especially bad, due to server downtimes and non-RPers filling the Earthen Ring as well.

    I personally wonder when will Blizzard make more RP focused realms because the two ‘normal ones’ are full booked every day from 14-> wee hours.

    The ‘waiting in line for two hours before getting to play’ has been really irritating so far.


  5. I installed the FlagRSP, but WoW client seems to not to like it (at least it says “your addon is out of date), and there are no-one other I’ve met using it so far in our realm — but I suppose I’ll meet someone, so thanks! 🙂

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