Right after Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell — manga (by Masamune Shirow) and the original movie (directed by Mamoru Oshii) — are among my all time favourites. Stylish and often confusing, they toy with numerous philosophically resonant themes and are invaluable for anyone drawn into exploring the elemental, often subconscious, relations humans have with their technologies. Bio Rex Distribution (Matila, Röhr & Nordisk Film) have made a real cultural service by importing into Finnish DVD markets the second full-length movie in the series, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. Possibly even more beautiful, even if a bit more slow in tempo, this is an essential work of late modern pop culture at its best. The low resolution YouTube trailer (actually the intro sequence) does not really convey its sophistication:

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  1. It is interesting that while we’re so different as persons, our movie taste is very close. My all time favourite is also BR and I really love the original Ghost in the Shell. I suppose you know of the BR Ultimate Collection that should include the original theatrical release with the voice-over, the “director’s cut” and a new super duper version amongst other stuff. It will probably be released around Sep-Oct. You can search EzyDVD for the details of the down under version. Or perhaps they’ll release the same package as an HD DVD set (Oct?) and force me to upgrade my player.

    I guess I have to get the Innocence too – and perhaps a new version of the original GITS as the one I have has an annoying 1-2 second audio delay.

  2. The item seems to be gone from EzyDVD’s website now, but this is what it was like (release date was Sep 26 IIRC):

    “Disc 1 – The Final Cut (2007):

    * Ridley Scott’s definitive new version of his science-fiction masterpiece includes added & extended scenes, added lines and new and cleaner special effects.

    Disc 2 – 3 Complete Film Versions:

    * ’82 U.S. Theatrical version
    * ’82 International Theatrical version
    * ’92 Director’s Cut

    Disc 3 – “Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner” Documentary

    * Newly created documentary: Through interviews with the cast and crew, critics and colleagues, this feature-length documentary provides a mainstream-friendly yet meaningful in-depth look at Blade Runner’s literary genesis, its challenging production and controversial legacy. When all is said and done, this will be the definitive documentary on the film.

    Disc 4 – Enhanced Content Bonus: (TBC)

    * INCEPTION – Featurettes and galleries devoted to Philip K. Dick, the birth of Cyberpunk and adapting the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.
    * PRE-PRODUCTION – Featurettes and galleries devoted to script development, conceptual design and abandoned sequences.
    * PRODUCTION – Featurettes and galleries devoted to principal photography and locations.
    * POST-PRODUCTION – Featurettes and galleries devoted to deleted scenes, music and visual effects.
    * RELEASE – Featurettes and galleries devoted to marketing and reaction including Trailers, TV Spots and Promotional Featurettes
    * LEGACY – Featurettes and galleries devoted to the film’s resurrection and impact.

    Disc 5 – Work Print Version & Enhanced Content:

    * Including the rarely seen Work Print version and potentially the 52 min.
    * Channel Four (UK) documentary which was the first serious documentary created for the film.”

  3. Ok, thanks a lot; this BR release really looks interesting; need to get it when it comes out. And within in the Ghost in the Shell franchise, I have also collected some of the Stand Alone Complex boxes (see, and even if they touch upon some of the same themes as the movies, the television series format keeps the general feel closer to regular anime stuff, more lighthearted, and I have been not so exited about them.

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