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Unet.fi, which is a file and web server in my home network, was transferred into new Internet service provider’s network yesterday. We are now using NebulaZone Advanced connection, which means that the theoretical maximum download is 8-24 megabytes/s, upload 3 megs per sec. This is still copper cable technology, using ADSL 2+ with Annex M extension (what a mouthful). I still need to test whether we actually get what we are paying for, but at least the line is working, and also the customer service. Having spent time among various operators whose reliability and particularly customer service is slapdash, this was particularly the criteria for turning to Nebula. I have used their services in various web hotel and domain arrangements for years, and they have consistently provided great service in the past, and I just hope this to continue.

The transition was not without its hurdles: my old Zyxel modem would not update its firmware into Annex M capable version, and I ran to buy a new one, TeleWell TW-EA501 v3. In the next phase TeleWell would appear to make connection, but then nothing would actually work over the new, bridged ADSL configuration. After three phone calls into Nebula service line (I had to run to work in between), the connection now appears to work, more or less. I think I have even configured all services in Unet.fi server to run again, somewhat surprisingly. With currently five computers (with various Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X and Linux configurations), two routers, two Wi-Fi routers, three online connected game consoles and some Internet phones etc. on top of that, our home network is a typical, challenging mixed home environment. I think I had to change parameters in perhaps 100-200 different places yesterday, and still consider this an easy transition. But you do not want to change ISPs every day.

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Professor of Information Studies and Interactive Media, esp. Digital Culture and Game Studies in the Tampere University, Finland. Occasional photographer and gardener.

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  1. Ok, the connection specs are now (sorry for the Finnish modem):

    Laitteen ohjelmistoversio DMT FwVer:, HwVer:T14F7_1.0
    Linjan tila (DMT) Up
    Toimintatila ADSL2+
    Lähetysnopeus 1791 kbps
    Vastaanottonopeus 8128 kbps
    SNR Marginali (Lähetys) 6.9 db
    SNR Marginali (Vastaanotto) 17.4 db
    Linjan vaimennus (Lähetys) 9.8 db
    Linjan vaimennus (Vastaanotto) 24.0 db

    As I run tests in http://www.speedtest.net, I get:
    6708 down/1539 up (Tampere-Turku) and 6884 up / 1477 down (Tampere-Tallinn).

    I guess the length of the copper cable must be c. 1,5-2 km, and I will most likely not get better speeds from ADSL with those attenuation values over that distance. All hints are most welcome, of course. =)

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