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[I will be speaking in the final seminar of Skene r&d-program about the basic research and innovations in games tomorrow in Helsinki] Huomenna on Helsingissä Tekesin pelialan Skene-ohjelman päätösseminaari. Oma alustukseni on otsikoltaan “Pelitutkimus: yhteistyöllä innovaatioita ja tieteen huippuja”. Tapahtumassa on mukana vahva kattaus pelialan osaamista ja toimijoita – tapahtuman ohjelma löytyy täältä:

New research into ludification and gamification

[Reposted research news from the University of Tampere:]

“Pervasive ludification and gamification, as well as the spreading of interactive media and online services are changing social interaction and the practices of work, learning and leisure as we speak,” says Professor Frans Mäyrä from the University of Tampere.

“That is why we need wide-ranging interdisciplinary studies in this area.”

The research into ludification in the society includes research into playfulness as an attitude that is also possible for adults, as well as into the different applications of gamification meaning the application of game elements in non-entertainment contexts. These, and several other themes are investigated in a new research project that is carried out in collaboration between three Finnish universities. The four-year research project Ludification and the emergence of playful culture is a joint effort of researchers of the digital culture at the universities of Tampere, Jyväskylä and Turku. Professor Frans Mäyrä is heading the research that is funded by the Academy of Finland.

Ludification at a more general level, and gamification in its more specific applications is a direction of development that is renewing the culture, society and businesses and it is also the common theme in three other research projects, which Professor Mäyrä and his research team have started.

Gamification is analysed in more detail in the research projects called the Neuroeconomics of Gaming and Koukku, which are collaborative efforts with the researchers at the Aalto University. In these projects, the focus is on the psychological aspects of buying and selling games and of the ethical issues involved. These projects are a part of the Skene Research Programme funded by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

OASIS is a project that applies games as an integral part of university research and instruction and develops and studies a novel, playful and creative learning environment that supports a culture of informal information sharing and sense of community. This project is funded by the Finnish Work Environment Fund.

For more information, please contact:
Professor Frans Mäyrä,, tel. +358 50 336 7650
School of Information Sciences, TRIM / Game Research Lab


New games research projects

UTA Gamelab logo
UTA Gamelab

The UTA Game Research Lab has got grants and started working on several new research projects recently:

  • FUN, the Finnish-US SAVI project got funding from the Tekes in Finland and NSF in the US to catalyse trans-Atlantic collaboration particularly in games and education research; we have been working on gamification and player research survey collaboration on this one;
  • in Services, the Tivit SHOK we are taking part in the Education work package to look into the potentials of game-like learning in mixed reality applications (MixLearn);
  • the Gaming Behaviour literature survey is our new opening, started after winning the open European tender process for a research partnership with Norsk Tipping, the state lottery in Norway;
  • we are now also starting the work on the Pelaajabarometri 2013, the comprehensive national survey on both traditional games and digital games play in Finland, with a grant from Pelitoiminnan tutkimussäätiö (the Finnish Foundation for Gaming Research)
  • last but not least, Free2Play, the new two-year research project studying the multiple aspects related to the freemium model got funding from the Tekes  Skene program, and the consortium of leading Finnish games companies.

All of us – and me personally – we want to thank warmly everyone involved for the continuing support to the games research we are carrying out in the Gamelab! Together, these new initiatives rise the count of externally funded research projects in Gamelab over 40, and with a total grant budget of c. 5,5 million euros. (And I have already long time ago lost count of the publications our talented team of researchers has produced over the years…)

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